Spices pulveriser machine

Uses of the machine :

  • Turmeric (halad), red chillies (mirchi), coriander (kothimbir / dhaniya ) and hot spices (gram masala) are grinded in this machine.
  • This machine is also useful for grinding ayurvedic jadi buti, husk of grains, husk of groundnuts, husk of pulses, maize (maka), poultry feeds, husk of soybean etc.
  • While grinding spices in this machine, spices don't get hot and there is no decolouration

Information of the machine :

  • Spices Pulverizer machine has a cyclone tank and pipe, so the cleaning and fitting is easy
  • The whole machine is made of M.S. heavy plate. High quality ball bearing (dust proof) is attached to this machine. So, it lasts longer.
  • Average and fineness depends on Particle size, jali & nature of the material.

Specifications :

H.P. Electric phase chamber (inch) Capacity (kg/hr)
(Roughage Process)
2-3 1/3 5x10 40x50
5-7.5 3 6x12 125-150
10-15 3 8x14 300-325
20-25 3 12x16 400-600
40-50 3 18x24 700-1100
50-60 3 20x24 1400-1500
  • We provide customized solutions for any capacity

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