Automatic centrifugal dressing machine

Uses of the machine :

This machine is useful to filter besan, flour, turmeric (haladi), gum powder, Ayurvedic powder, spices and chemical powder.

Information of the machine :

  • The material is fed to screw conveyor through hopper and is fed to the body of the machine.
  • Nylon net in machine helps high quality powder get filtered and collected in a bag.
  • There is nylon brush to clean filter nylon net.
  • This machine is made of heavy M.S. angle ,CRC sheet and shaft.
  • The machine has high quality dust proof ball bearing and bearing housing.
  • The machine makes very less sound.
  • The capacity of this machine depends on nylon net mesh and type of material.
  • Machine does not vibrate.
  • Machine can work in low Horse Power.
  • There are four models of this machine.

Specifications :

All machines are available in Single / Three electric phase.

H.P.(1440)RPM Drum Size diameter(in inches) Lenght Breadth Height
0.5 20 68 24 42
1 20 96 26 42
1.5 30 120 40 60
2 30 144 40 60

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