Pre cleaner cum grader machine

Uses of the machine :

To remove soil, dust, leaves, small and big straws, stones etc. In wheat, sorghum (jowar), pearl millet (bajra), gram, pigeon pea (toor) and cumin seeds etc. These are cleaned and graded by this machine.

Information of the machine :

  • Lighter straws, impurities and dust is removed with blower when the materials like wheat reaches over the net through the hopper of the machine
  • We can increase or decrease pressure of air system of the blower The machine has three nets.
  • Due to three nets, three types of materials are cleaned
  • Pulley of the motor of this machine and blower eccentric cam system runs on one V-Belt
  • This machine is made of heavy M.S. angle, CRC sheet, shaft, dust proof bearing and pulleys
  • This machine is available in M.S. contact part S.S.
  • There are five models of this machine.

Specifications :

All machines are available in Single / Three electric phase.

Sr.No. H.P. Length Breadth Height Capacity (kg./hr.)
1 0.5 30 21 57 100-150
2 0.5 44 26 57 300-500
3 1 56 33 61 900-1000
4 2 83 45 70 1500-2000
5 3 110 45 70 2000-2500
  • We provide customized solutions for any capacity.

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