Emery Roll machine

Uses of the machine :

  • Roll machine is useful for cleaning gram, wheat, green gram (moong), toor and cleaning and removing the husk of these above grains.
  • It grinds the soil in the wheat and separates it from wheat.

Information of the machine :

  • Roll machine has emery roll.
  • This machine is made of heavy M.S. angle, channel, CRC sheet, shaft, dust proof bearing and pulleys.
  • There are four models of this machine.
H.P. Electric phase Roll (inches)
Diameter x length
Machine size
(Length x breadth)
5-7.5 3 9x27 60x24 300-600
10 3 10x30 63x24 600-1000
15 3 12x30 78x24 1200-1600
20 3 14x33 81x24 2000x2300
  • We provide customized solutions for any capacity

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