Pneumatic conveying system

Uses of the machine :

Pneumatic conveying system is used in gram flour (besan) mill, wheat (atta) mill, pulses (dal) mill, rice mill etc. and other industries.

Information of the machine :

  • Pneumatic conveying systems has a high pressure blower. A valve is attached to blower to control air pressure.
  • Material is carried by a pipe through the blower. This material is further carried to cyclone tank and supplied to air lock.
  • Air & dust are collected in dust collector through air lock machine and the air passes out. Thus, dust does not spread in the factory.
  • High pressure blower is completely balanced so there is no vibration
  • Capacity of pneumatic system depends on size and pressure and it runs on motor.
  • This machine is made of heavy M.S. angle & CRC sheet.

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