10 H.P. Shivraj Mini dal mill machine

Use Of The Machine :

All types of Dal’s are made in MINI DAL MILL machine. Best quality like chana dal, moong dal, urad dal, masoor dal, toor dal etc.Cleaning of wheat, jowar, millet etc. is done in it.

Specifications :

Electric Power Electric Phase Machine Size (Approx)
Length x Width X Height
Capacity (Kg/Hr)
10 H.P. Three 15 x 15 x 12 feet 400-500

Features Of The Machine :

  1. The sound of the machine is minimum.
  2. Does not vibrate.
  3. It require less space.
  4. Runs at least on electricity

Notice :

  1. Government grants are available on all machinery.
  2. Production capacity, cleaning and fineness and quality of all types of machinery and plant depend on raw materials.
  3. Machineries of higher capacity are also available from the machine shown in it.
  4. Dal mill plants production capacity & dal recovery depends upon the quality of grains, operator skills & wheather conditions.

Shivraj Agro Industries Reserves All The Rights Regarding Desgining Machines And Machinery Plant And Technical Changes.